Success Story 2

Rainbow Data Systems Inc.

RDSI provides X12, XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, MILS, UDF and other translation, data processing and integration services. Their logisticians and engineers have extensive experience with designing, building and maintaining government and commercial wholesale and retail control systems.


Traditional Sales and Marketing approaches, outbound outreach, trades shows, and other traditional sales and marketing efforts did not lead to landing new clients. They have a solid offering, but their greatest issue was in the ability to gain new clients.


The solution that we came in with was Agile Business Development. Taking a closer look at all of their Sales and Marketing processes and working closely with the CEO and sales and marketing personnel, we identified several Ideal Customer Profiles and specific messaging. We also helped them with cold outreach by using a combination of telephonic, social media and email.


By implementing Agile Business Development, Rainbow Data was able to gain 3 new clients within healthcare, manufacturing, and the tech industry within the first 3 months. They have also secured long-lasting relationships with each new client. Within a year’s time, they were able to recognize over $100k in new revenue. Rainbow Data Systems uncovered multiple opportunities within such companies as Dayton Children’s Hospital, Matrix Systems and DEM Manufacturing.