Success Story 1

CDO Technologies

Since 1995, CDO Technologies has delivered the best solutions for unique business problems in the commercial and federal sectors. Dynamic solutions ranging from Asset Management to IT Services support your goals of efficiency and affordability. Every organization faces barriers along the way, but we provide the right technology and the right people to empower you to achieve more.


Their current process for business development was difficult to measure and scale. It consisted of multiple sales and marketing methods, such as partnerships with other clients, SEO, marketing events, and digital content marketing that did not lead to uncovering new opportunities.


We applied the Agile method and turned their business development efforts into a well-refined quantifiable business process. Meaningful meetings are a critical KPI, resulting in a feedback loop from the market. We provided consulting and support throughout the whole process – from cradle to grave – from developing messaging and ideal client profiles, generating meetings to proposals and closes. Our focus is on an end-to-end business development service.


Within a short period of time, they were able to get meaningful meetings on their calendars with prospects. They uncovered multiple new opportunities, which resulted in several new clients. Applying the Agile method to business development led to a significant reduction in marketing efforts and increased output.